Toth Bros. Clearing & Dredging, Inc.

Company History

Toth Bros. Clearing Contractors, a Pennsylvania Partnership, registered in 1966 with gross annual sales of $30,000.00, directed specifically to land clearing, was a small but consistent company with a steady growth pattern.

Hurdling the complications of pollution and the environmental impact of burning in the 1970's, Toth Bros. became an efficient company directing its attention to the concepts of recycling wood products.

Seeing a National focus on the environment we changed our direction completely in the 1980's and began to focus on complete pond management, including design, permitting, construction, restoration, and water quality.

As our specialization changed, we felt that a name change was warranted as well; eventually leading us toward corporate structuring in the late 1980's. We have put together a group of professionals directed solely to wet excavation and all associated administrative aspects of wetland management.