Toth Bros. Clearing & Dredging, Inc.


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At Toth Bros. Clearing & Dredging, Inc. our front line equipment consists of our long, or extended reach excavators which are ideally suited when project requirements indicate exceptionally long reach or other unusual or difficult site conditions.

Specially Adapted Machinery

International Hook Truck makes mobilization a snap

Nikken high floatation articulating dump trucks with a ground pressure of 1.5 psi

ASV PosiTrac equipped with rubber tracks. Ground pressure of 2.5 psi

Using a combination of our Kubota mini excavator, equipped with a grapple attachment, and our Nikken high floatation dump truck, we can access and work in the most sensitive areas

Our EL200 long reach excavator, equipped with a LaBounty grapple makes moving boulders, bridges, or just about anything else quick and easy

Kubota mini excavator with rubber tracks can fit in the tightest of spots without damaging lawns or greens

Lumber truck mats keep us working in bad weather and create very little impact to lawns and greens

Our hydraulic power plant can run any and all necessary pumps even in very remote locations. We have a combination of hydraulic, electric and centrifuge pumps ranging from 2" to 10"

Our low ground pressure off road dump truck can go anywhere with little or no damage to the surrounding landscape