Toth Bros. Clearing & Dredging, Inc.


These are additional services that Toth Bros. Clearing & Dredging, Inc. provides.

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Shoreline Stabilization & Rip Rap

Shoreline stabilization is an important practice to counter erosion caused by wave action and/or ice and freeze/thaw action. Depending on the severity of the damage, various sizes of rock (rip-rap) can be effective in eliminating shoreline erosion. While the pond is empty, we would create a 2’ bench (or shelf) on the interior pond slope, approximately 1’- below normal water level and extending approximately 8” to 10” above water level, averaging 1’ thick at water line. The lawn area along the shoreline will blend with top of RipRap to create an aesthetically pleasing, protected shoreline, easily maintained with conventional lawn equipment.

Dock/Pier Construction

During the dredging operation, while the pond is empty, is the perfect time to begin construction of a fishing pier or a boat dock. It is much more cost effective at this time to begin such a project.

Aeration and Fountains

One of the most beneficial and cost-effective methods of improving your lake or pond is the installation of an aeration system. The simple bubbling of air to the surface helps to add life-giving oxygen to the water and creates a vital circulation pattern. The result is healthier fish, reduced algae growth, less odor, elimination of stagnation and lower pond management costs. The installation of a fountain will provide the same advantages listed above, however changes the appearance of your pond considerably. There are limitless possibilities to the types and variations of fountains available.

Custom built fish “condos”

Crazy as it may sound, fish condos provide your smaller fish with a safe haven or "hide out" from their predators. Many people spend a lot of money stocking their ponds only to have all their recently purchased fish eaten by the larger more aggressive fish in their ponds. For a few dollars and a little bit of labor, we can build a few of these condos, which are essentially stone tee-pees with several voids, and your fish will permanently have a safe place to hide as babies.

Dam Restoration & Shotcrete

Shotcrete is a process where concrete is projected or "shot" under pressure using a feeder or "gun" onto a surface to form structural shapes including walls, dams or any other surface that concrete can be projected onto. The surface can be trowelled smooth while the concrete is still wet.

Shotcrete has high strength, durability, low permeability, excellent bond and limitless shape possibilities - these properties allow shotcrete to be used, in most cases, as a structural material and can be invaluable on failing or compromised dams.

As the photos above demonstrate, we normally create a grid, using rebar, to add additional strength and stability to the dam face; this insures that there will be less possibility of future failure.

Stone Filter Construction

Following pond dredging, and again while the pond is empty, we would install of a stone filter just below the water’s surface. This stone filter will begin 10’ off the shoreline and reach to the opposite shoreline in a half-moon shape. The purpose of a installing a stone filter to minimize silt from reaching the main body of the pond. This stone filter or “catch” will require periodic maintenance, but save you from having to dredge the entire pond on a frequent basis.

Stone Wall Construction

We work closely with a few very talented stone masons who can construct either a traditional dry-stacked stone wall, or a mortared wall to add stability and beauty to your project. A dry stacked wall is just that, the walls are carefully layed up without mortar. Gravity serves as the glue that holds everything together.

A mortared wall evolved out of dry-stack stone work with the emergence of cement mortars. The cement just fills the gaps between the stone and cures to form a rock-like substance.

Custom Designed Bridges

We work with several custom bridge companies who are capable of engineering, designing and constructing quality bridges. We have set these bridges in many locations ranging from golf courses to back yard ponds. The reasons to install a bridge range from creating a simple walking bridge to situations that require heavy vehicle traffic bridges. At Toth Bros. Clearing & Dredging Inc. we have all the equipment and skill necessary to set these bridges and create a natural blend into the existing surroundings.

Clearing, Grubbing & Recycling

Since the early 1960s we have been involved with clearing, piling and burning the reservoirs and highways throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland. Updating our equipment throughout the years we have reached the point where we now have a complete wood recycling operation in Sellersville, PA. Our recycling facility encompasses 20 acres, is open to the public and is accessible on weekends and in bad weather. Only natural wood products are accepted (stumps/tree parts).

Wetlands Clearing and Management

In addition to residential, commercial, reservoirs and highway clearing, we are also specialists in all aspects of wetlands clearing, management and delineation. Working in harmony with Federal, State and local agencies and incorporating our timber mat roadways, we can move in heavy and long reach equipment, with little or no impact to the wetlands.