Toth Bros. Clearing & Dredging, Inc.

Our Staff

Joseph M. Toth - Owner since 1966.
Joe is the project supervisor and coordinator. Joe is on site overseeing everyday operations for each project. He's qualified to run every piece of equipment, as well as, move equipment from site to site with his CDL and oversize load permit expertise. Joe supervises our 10 employees on a daily basis. Joe’s ability to see a project completed, before we even start, makes him irreplaceable. His knowledge of every aspect of this business from dredging operations to CDL laws and regulations is incomprehensible.

Michael J. Toth - Owner since 1966.
Mike is responsible for all of our project bidding. Whether it’s private, a homeowners association, township, state, or a publicly funded project, Mike is the one who makes the first site visit and determines the necessary course of action and permit requirements. Mike will look at the project from various perspectives to provide the customer with several options for their project. He will then provide a detailed proposal outlining each stage of the job, the associated costs and his recommendations.

(note their length of service with Toth Bros... quite impressive!)

John Finlayson - With us since 1987
John has worked with us since high school and is such a loyal employee. John runs and drives most all of our equipment and spends much of his time on the ground, laboring - which is not the most sought after position, but John handles it with ease! His great eye for aesthetics, and his knowledge of this field helps so much with the finished project.

Jeff Moore - With us since 1993
Jeff’s eye for detail saves our customers time and money. Jeff has his CDL and also runs all of the equipment. So whether it’s hauling material or digging it, Jeff can do it all. His dedication to our company is unquestionable, and his knowledge of the business is immeasurable.

Alec Mackey - With us since 1997
Alec can do anything, from running the equipment to fixing it - he is our on site mechanic. Alec has his CDL which is a huge asset in this business. With his help either on the job running equipment or in the shop fixing it, Alec’s knowledge of this business is invaluable.

Ed Toth - With us since 2012
Ed is Mike and Joe Toth's nephew. He has experience and knowledge through his work at Toth Land Clearing. Ed has a CDL and can drive any truck, operate any machinery, and can complete any labor task given. As a bonus he is also a pretty great mechanic.

Lenney Sanchez - With us since 2013
Lenney is quickly becoming a valuable part of the crew. He can do anything labor related. He also has a CDL and can operate all of the equipment in the field. He is an excellent addition and we are glad to have him here.


John Thomas - Senior Permit Coordinator - With us since 2002
John is responsible for the acquisition of the necessary permits and approvals for all projects, this would include the Conservation District Erosion & Sediment Control plans, PA DEP Dams & Waterways waiver and permits, PA Fish & Boat Commission permits and approvals, US Army Corps of Engineers permits and waivers, and all municipal compliances. John visits each site so as to not have any portion of the permit requirements overlooked, then he’s back to the office to make the necessary drawings and submittals - which is a very tedious - time consuming process.

Loni (Toth) Aichele - Office Manager - With us since 1992
Loni, happens to be Mike Toth’s daughter. Loni has been with the company since before graduating high school, so she is well versed in all aspects of the business. From occasionally helping on site to now working exclusively in the office, no part of the process is unfamiliar. Loni now does much of her work from her home office, which includes overseeing the accounting process, insurance proposals, contract preparation, preparing for trade shows, and advertising.

Natalie Miller - Administrative Assistant - Joined us in 2012
Natalie helps to keep the office running smoothly, she is literally Mike’s right and Joe’s left hand ~ ask her a question and she will follow through until you have an answer. Her background is in environmental biology and business administration, which makes her a versatile and important member of our team.